Having a house away from the city is comparatively cheaper, but it does have certain disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage being the extra expenditure of transportation costs. In some places you may even find areas without a supermarket, making your weekly groceries haul a troublesome affair. City utilities generally refer to the facilities that make life easier for us, such as railways, an active bus route or even a hospital. It is important to consider the potential benefits and disadvantages of staying in a place not well connected to the city.

You should carefully assess all the expenses you might have to incur due to staying away from the city. They could be related to factors like safety and security, availability to medical services and food. Remember that there could be added costs involved with living in an area with less rent.

What are the advantages of renting close to city utilities?

Here is what you should consider when selecting a rented place to stay:

  • Transportation: Among the most affordable and easiest ways of traveling in a city is public transportation. Even if you own a car and use it regularly, knowing that you can rely on city services in case your car breaks down, is definitely a benefit to consider. Statistics show that using public transportation can massively cut down on transportation related expenses. Access to facilities like a bus stop or a train station could ease a lot of daily hassles. Not only would it greatly cut down on time needed to travel as you drive through slow-moving traffic, it would also ensure steady access even in times of crisis.
  • Medical facilities: You never know when a medical emergency can crop up, which explains the importance of having quick access to medical facilities. Living near at least a small nursing home or a clinic is recommended for older people or those who require regular medical help. In addition to this, having a medical store close to your house is definitely something to consider.
  • Food: No one wants to haul over bags full of groceries back home on a crowded bus or train. Having a supermarket close to the house is important in reducing the time, effort as well as money spent in shopping. For people living further away, it may get essential to have a car to be able to manage weekly grocery hauls. Shopping for food is one of the most vital routines in a household, and you should consider living near to at least one place where you could shop for groceries.
  • Café’s and restaurants: A locality that has good restaurants or eateries is one where you can not just satisfy your hunger, but also meet other people. Takeaways are an excellent option, especially if you do not cook regularly, so having an eatery close to your rented place can always help. Such facilities also add a touch of color to the locality and call for lively interactions with the community.