Now that you have found the perfect place to rent for the year, don’t you want to spice things up a little bit? Who likes bare walls and an empty home? Seriously, a few posters here and there shouldn’t hurt… right? Wait. Unless you want to blow a big dent out of your deposit, you need to consider things carefully before making your new home an expression of you. If you happen to accidentally leave a few marks, add a wall hanging through DIY-ing your own nail board or place a vase next to a place that has an established mold problem, your landlord probably won’t be too happy about it. But there has to be a way to get your home the way you want, and here is what you need to know before you start redefining your rented living experience.

How to Decorate Your Home Without Getting in Trouble

Depending on what you want to add, it could either be extremely simple or rather complicated. If your home doesn’t have a working Wi-Fi all across it, then your landlord probably won’t mind you approaching an internet service provider to get that set up. Whether you want to leave it behind for the next grateful renter or take it with you when you move is completely up to you, but discussing it with your landlord might be a good idea. But for other thing, like adding furniture, wall paintings or basic refurbishing might be more difficult. Here are four things you need to be aware of before you get started:

  • Make the Kitchen Your Domain: Often, a rented home might not have a really beautiful kitchen. Being one of the easiest rooms to redecorate, it could ideally be the best place to start. If your kitchen is small and you feel as if you don’t have enough space to store your culinary delights, consider getting magnetic or adhesive racks to make more space. Asking the landlord is a good idea, but usually such hooks come off easy and before you leave, all you need to do is take them off and carry them with you.
  • Wall Decorations: Adhesive hooks aren’t just for the kitchen. If you are willing to spend a little, get strong hooks that can sustain your wall decorations. Never put up your posters without these – they might leave a scar. In the worst case, your poster could take with a bit of the paint when you remove it and your landlord would not be happy about that. You could even add a string and tack on your pictures or photos with cloth hanging clips for a cool effect. Vinyl is a wonderful invention that lets you add beautiful decorations that you can take off when you feel like. Get some vinyl stickers designed to not tear at the walls, and you’ve got yourself a wonderful wall decoration.
  • Changing Fixtures: Talk to your landlord first about changing things in the rented home that are irreversible. Adding or removing a carpet, changing the bulbs to more energy sustaining ones or even adding a washing machine or other appliances are doable. Usually, if the money is coming out of your pocket and the end result is a great job for the house, your landlord would not prohibit you from making those changes. For bigger changes, like bringing your own couch – ask the landlord if you can store the ones in the house in a safe storage box until you move and remember to bring it back to its original location before you move.
  • Bathroom Blues: A perfect bathroom makes for a happy mind. Add new hangers for your clothes, change the toilet seat or the shower head; maybe even add a new carpet on the floor so you don’t slip (a very good idea), and you have got yourself a bathroom of your choice.

The most important thing when it comes to customizing your home is ensuring that the landlord is okay with it. Talk to them, ensure that they are okay – if they aren’t, tell them that there won’t be any leftover marks. As long as you ensure that you take good care to return the rental place to its original state before moving out, you can rest assured that your deposit will be safe as well.