Living in a rental home can bring to mind several worries and terrifying thoughts of losing your deposit if something goes wrong. For most renters, this comes with the baggage of spending their whole rented experience living in a space that never really feels like you. The good news is, as long as you are able to return everything to their original condition – flawless and pristine – by the time you leave, your landlord is not likely to be against a few added decorations. If you are thinking about hanging a poster of your favorite band, bringing in a new wall shelf or redefining the whole kitchen – with the right know-how, anything is possible.

Redefine Your Home Environment

Creativity is your keyword in changing your surroundings – if the walls aren’t your style, how about adding a few vinyl stickers to spice things up? They come off easy, and with a good quality sticker – you don’t have to worry about damaging the walls. The best part? Vinyl stickers are seriously cheap and can completely change the tone of the room. So say goodbye to dull walls, and hello to waking up under a beautiful tree with birds singing on the branches. And it doesn’t stop there.

  • Change the Dining Table: Don’t like the same boring dining table that you are sure came from the discount section of the nearby hardware story? No worries! How about bringing in a solid sheet and decorating it with anything you like? Wood panels, beads, stray tiles – anything you want is up for grabs. Before you place your new handiwork on to the table, get some adhesive clicks and attach it to the four corners of your base model. The adhesive will come off easily when it is time to remove – and voila! A whole new table. This trick works for changing almost any flat surface, as long as you ensure that adhesives will on it.
  • Adding New Storage Space: Whether you want a new cabinet in the kitchen, a shelf on the wall to store your books or just some extra room to keep clothes on – with just a plank of wood, it is completely doable. Find the design you want, bring adhesives home (adhesives will be your savior) and carefully attach it to your plank of wood. Now align against whatever surface you want and pop it in place. You will need a higher quality adhesive to ensure the paint on the wall doesn’t chip, or that your new decoration does not come crashing down when you least expect it.
  • Making Your Own Rug: For you penny pinchers – it is entirely possible to make your own cushion covers or rugs. All you need is a little patience, a small investment for the raw materials and the desire to add color to your home. For the cushion cover, it is as simple as getting a layout, cutting out the right proportions and sewing everything into place. For an added discount, try buying the filling and insert it directly into the cover instead of buying cushions. For the rug, it all depends on the style you want. If you want a nifty braided rug, all you have to do is buy the basic material and braid it into place. For a woolen rug, opt for the kind of wool you find in any hardware store – even the sort used for making sweaters will do. Knot the ends of the pieces you want to work and attach it to somewhere secure. Now all you have to do is keep braiding until you reach the end. Never try to do this with one gigantic knot for a rug – rather, consider attaching the ends with either a strong glue or if you like, more braiding.
  • Bring Pictures in For Nostalgia: No posters? No problem. A tip that works for posters as well as pictures – for a creative effect, attach a string from one of the room to the other, preferably along a wall. Find clips that suit your style and just hang everything. It adds a touch of color to the room and reminds of everything that inspires you.

Using the mind and working the hands are the solution to almost any of life’s problems, especially rental related ones. Spark your fire, come up with new ideas or just browse the internet for a million more! You’ll draw inspiration from websites like Pintrest and Houzz. You never have to live in a home that doesn’t define who you are, and with these tips, even rental homes can become your creative domain.