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November 2015

Vancouver is an Inviting Place to Rent

Vancouver’s inviting neighborhoods and rich cultural history draw thousands of home renters into its welcoming environs every year. The high desirability of the area may make it difficult to find the perfect rental house for both individuals and families. Fortunately, finding houses for rent in Vancouver doesn’t have to be a tedious and time-consuming process anymore. With the help of HomeButton’s intuitive interface and highly functional search function, you can browse the hundreds of rent houses in Vancouver easily and quickly, drastically reducing the amount of time you spend looking for a home and substantially increasing the amount of time you get to spend enjoying it.

Because HomeButton’s search results are plotted on Google Maps, you can rest assured in the rentals you’re scoping out are accurately listed within the right neighborhoods. Simply type in your criteria to receive a comprehensive list of available houses, all complete with beautifully colored photos and detailed specifications. One simple click connects you with a wide range of homes within your price range as well as within your desired neighborhood.

HomeButton combines today’s most advanced search technology with the type of simple usefulness renters need to hone in on the best deals available. You can contact landlords directly and discuss terms on your own time. Take the hassle out of renting a home with HomeButton’s unique locating service, which provides you with all of the tools you need to find your ideal residence more quickly and easily than ever before.

If you’re a landlord in Vancouver, post your rental ad free on HomeButton today!


Calgary is a Great Place to Rent

Calgary, Alberta, is a growing city located near the Rocky Mountains. Whether Canadians are relocating from another city in Canada or are just moving across town, Calgary is a great place to rent. From public to private religious schools, there are plenty of educational options for parents to consider. There are also several colleges and universities. Many people also move to Calgary to enjoy a variety of career options.

Whether you are new to Calgary Alberta or are upgrading to a larger home, we are here to make the process easier. We offer a convenient Calgary rental search tool that allows you to view the available homes for rent in Calgary. If you know what you are looking for, use the sorting features to enter your requirements. For example, you may filter the results to show you only the rentals offering the minimum number of bedrooms you require. If you are looking for houses to rent that cost less than a specific amount, you may also filter the results based on your budget needs.

Our search feature is fast and simple to use, and it is completely free to search for homes or apartments through our site. We offer a unique Google map feature to make it easier for you to compare the houses for rent in Calgary. This feature also allows you to find rentals in or near a specific area of the city. If you do not find what you are looking for in Calgary and want to look for rentals in other cities, we also provide results for other various cities throughout Canada. Our simple goal is to help you find a variety of rental houses that meet your individual preferences.

How to Find Quality Houses for Rent in Edmonton

Finding quality and affordable houses for rent in Edmonton, Alberta, is easy with HomeButton’s comprehensive listing of rentals throughout the area. The service is completely free and the user interface is clear and intuitive, helping to make your search a pleasant and informative experience. Use the integrated Google Maps feature to pinpoint rent houses in your desired area and compare rates between your favorite finds. Save yourself hours of time online when you quickly narrow down your choices by city, price range and the number of bedrooms you would prefer.

Whether you are new to Edmonton Alberta or are looking to relocate from a home or apartment in the area, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for with HomeButton. The extensive listing of rentals available exceeds that of any other site servicing Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver. Find your perfect place in the thriving metropolitan sector or settle down in a quiet suburban neighborhood surrounded by lush parkland. If your appreciation for the arts plays a key role in your selection of rent houses, search for homes near one of the city’s dozens of museums and galleries. Our simple search process makes it easier than ever for you to hone in on countless rentals in every area of the city as well as throughout Canada. When people looking for trustworthy information and prices to suit their budget search for rental homes in Edmonton Alberta, they turn to the wealth of free data available only at HomeButton.

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