Renting an apartment or house can be a trying experience filled with uncertainty and anxiety on both sides of the negotiating table. Your renter wants to pass your screening process, and you want to weed out renters who, to put it nicely, you don’t want living on your property. Read on for some warning signs that often come up in interviews with potential renters.

1. Anyone who is quick to offer advance payments. They may be trying to direct your attention from something they don’t want you to see, such as bad references, bad credit, or perhaps to prevent you from initiating a background check. The opposite is also true. You might not want to rent to them if they can only deliver the deposit after move-in.

2. If they skirt around the issue of why they need to move or refuse to answer questions about a previous living arrangement. You then have to wonder if they paid rent, were evicted or moved out on their prior landlord without notice or pay.

3. If they display any anti-establishment behavior or attitude. A person who does this may not be as likely to abide by the terms of the lease. This could be confirmed by any prior arrests or multiple traffic violations that show up on their background check.

Bonus Sign: Any disingenuous body language or closed gestures. Avoiding eye contact, sitting with arms crossed or visible signs of nervousness could indicate that the potential renter is not being honest with you.”