Finding a home to rent involves several important steps. Interviewing the prospective landlord is one step that a renter cannot afford to neglect. A brief interview will help you decide if the prospective landlord is ideal for you. Let’s take a brief look at several questions you should ask a property owner before entering into an agreement.

How Do You Handle Maintenance Issues?

There is a strong possibility that you will have maintenance issues with the property. How do I bring a maintenance problem to your attention? How long will it take for you to address the problem? The answers to these questions will let you know if the property owner handles maintenance issues promptly.

Do You Offer Extermination Service?

Pests are a common issue for many renters. Find out if the property owner offers monthly extermination service. Monthly extermination service can help keep pests in check.

Do You Offer Upgrades?

Some landlords will make upgrades to their properties to keep responsible tenants. Ask about flooring, landscaping, and other upgrades that could increase the image of the property.

What Are The Monthly Utility Expenses Like?

Asking this question can help you determine if you will be facing a high utility bill. Ask if the property can be furnished with energy-efficient appliances before moving in. Replacing a leaky sink or old water heater can have a huge impact on monthly utility bills.

Interviewing the property owner will help you decide if you should sign the rental agreement. The questions listed above can help you find out if the landlord is ideal for you.