Finding a cheap house to rent can be tough in many cities in the U.S., but there are some strategies you can use to help make the process easier.

1. Shop around online
The best way to be exposed to the most choices for rental homes and be able to find a cheaper one is to look online. Look through local and national rental sites and even check out social media to find homes for rent.

2. Smaller is better
Typically, the smaller a house is, the lower the rent will be. To get a cheaper place, don’t rent anything bigger than you really need.

3. Forgo the amenities
Houses with yards, decks, finished basements and other amenities tend to rent for more than those without such amenities. If you can do without such things, look for houses without them, which are likely to be cheaper to rent.

4. Don’t have a pet
Homes that allow pets usually charge an extra deposit and/or additional monthly rent. Being sans pet will make it easier for you to find a cheaper rental home.

5. Live with roommates
Rent for houses typically isn’t exactly proportionate to its number of bedrooms. For example, if it costs $700 to rent a one-bedroom home, it probably  won’t be $1,400 to rent a two-bedroom one. So if you split the rent among roommates, you will wind up paying less for the same amount of space.