If you are renting an apartment or other residential property, you usually sign a lease that goes for a certain period of time. If you try to move before that period is up, you may face a penalty. However, there may be some ways you can get out of your rental agreement without a penalty.

1. Find Another Tenant
The easiest way to get out of your rental agreement early and without penalty is to find another tenant. Most leases have clauses that let you out of any responsibility for unpaid rent if the unit is rented to someone else, and some U.S. states even prohibit landlords from collecting rent from two people at the same time for the same unit.

2. Find a Loophole
Another way to get out of your lease without penalty is to find a loophole. Pore over your lease agreement to see if the landlord has violated any of the terms. For example, if repairs haven’t been made within timeframes promised in the lease, it could be grounds for breaking the lease. If something about the unit wasn’t as promised, that could be another reason you can legally break the lease.

3. Military Transfer
If you are in the military and get deployed somewhere else, your landlord must let you out of your lease without penalty.