You have called your tenant several times over the past week to inquire about the rent, but they have yet to return your call.  You drive to the property to discover the house vacant with no tenant and no rent.  Many landlords are familiar with this scenario, but the story doesn’t end with a mere vacant property.  Here are three renter horror stories we had to share.

The Collector

It is simple to understand someone’s love of a collection.  Some collect doll figurines while another collects classic race cars.  But a tenant who collects countless newspapers is troublesome.  At a glance, the collection of significant events may warrant admiration, but this tenant chose to collect scattered newspapers on the floors, chairs, counters, and sinks.  Piles on piles of stacked newspapers enveloped the hallways, bathrooms, and closets.  And to add injury, upon the tenant’s vacate, an unattended toilet overflowed and became absorbed by soggy newspaper.  The horror clean up took shovels, three days, and two dump trucks.

The Visitors

A messy tenant courteously gives notice to vacate the property and requests a final walk-thru.  Upon opening the front door to conduct the daylight inspection, several cockroaches fell from the top seam of the door and bounced off the floor.  Within the home, the roaches ran up the walls, scampered across countertops, and descended from ceiling vents.  When questioned, the tenant merely stated, “What roaches?  I’m getting my deposit back, right?”

The Dog

Neighborhood dogs are occasionally known to quarrel. After a tenant move-out, we spotted a bloated and rancid dead dog lying next to the mailbox in the street.  After further investigation, it was discovered the tenant alleviated a quarrel between his dogs and the pesky animal by shooting it and leaving it dead.  And to complicate the matter, animal control refused pickup since the animal was shot.

Landlords experience countless tenant situations.  Some scenarios are humorous while others quite disturbing.  In all, it still remains helpful to share some horror stories.